Why Teaching Is Still The Best Job In The World….

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5  Reasons Why Teaching Is Still The Best Job In The World

 Teaching is an increasingly demanding job with divergent influences, dynamic sources of innovation, and aging dogma that makes it all a struggle. It can be emotionally draining, and at times, impossible.

But in lieu of that–and in an age where start-ups are glorified, entertainment is endlessly emphasized, and tech is kind, teaching continues to be the best job in the world. Or at least I think so anyway. Here are 7 reasons why.

The potential to transform lives

ask any teacher who has helped a student in any number of ways, from academic to welfare and emotional learning, and they will tell you that life is not only good, but amazing.

It gives you the chance to be continuously creative

teachers are allowed to be creative in every lesson. lessons are encouraged to be creative and interesting to engage the students. Teachers have so many oppo

rtunities to try new ideas, and indulge in iterative process to ensure the optimum learning environment is created

It offers you a chance to continuously get better

teachers are not only encouraged to seek continuous professional development, but can ask for observation on a regular basis, to provide opportunities to grow and learn from masters or more experienced practitioners. A growth mindset is part of the foundation of teaching.

There is always satisfaction somewhere

teaching is a calling, and no one enters it without his or her inner voice telling him or her that. Of course there are always some imposters, but the massive majority have their hearts in the right place.

It’s a chance to truly to lead the world in the 21st century

introducing students to new technologies and ways of presenting and collaborating with others with what they know is truly exciting and truly invigorating. Modern teachers are actually pioneering pedagogy, and can and will be able to hold their heads up high in the future when we look back and see how learning in this day and age took a radical but enormously beneficial turn for the better.




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