Why knowing your “Subject” is so important

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We all remember that teacher don’t we.

The one that we dreaded going to lessons because of, the one that made it impossible to stay awake in class.

This article  highlights the importance of being enthusiastic, energetic and, most importantly, informed about your “specialist” subject to ensure that your learners are engaged and eager to learn!

As a teacher it is important to “know your subject”, as quoted in the book- it makes it easier to teach, to translate and to encourage understanding.

The effects of not having good subject knowledge

Subject knowledge is identified as an important indicator of the quality of teaching. If you have a high level of specialised subject knowledge you will have:

  • a vast range of factual knowledge about your subject;
  • a deep understanding of the theoretical aspects of your subject;
  • a conceptual framework for organizing your knowledge;
  • knowledge of the ‘big ideas’ in your subject;
  • a range of ‘stories’ about your specialist subject which aids the giving of explanations.


However, it is a different story if your subject knowledge is not strong.

  • Such issues include difficulties in structuring lessons, lack of confidence and depth when responding to pupils, lack of creativity and lack of challenge that extends the pupils’ thinking and use of what they have learned in a lesson.
  • The overall impact is a narrowing of the range of activities, analogies, models and illustrations that help develop pupil understanding.
  • Consequently lessons can become more rigid, constrained and less creative.


Source: https://thecriticalblog.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/why-knowing-your-subject-is-so-important/

(This article/text/quote/image is shared in good spirit to strengthen the education system.)


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