What Happens When Teachers Start Stepping Out Of Their Comfort Zone….

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What Happens When Teachers Start Stepping Out Of Their Comfort Zone

We’ve talked in the past about what happens when teachers connect, but that doesn’t necessarily require a teacher to push past their usual habits and routines. Much like adopting a growth mindset, valuing the act of pushing past what you “like to do” can, in the right circumstance, result in growth.


We, as educators, face countless opportunities on a daily basis to change, but not all change is growth. The Most Dangerous Phrase In Education makes a powerful point, and itself implies the necessity of adaptation. The key? Being able to separate instincts honed from years of experience, and dogma-fueled fears that need pushing past.


10 Things That Happen When You Start Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone


  1. You’ll start growing quickly.
  2. You’ll begin to love challenging yourself.
  3. You’ll realize all of your fears are fictional.
  4. You’ll replace regret with excitement.
  5. You’ll laugh at your past self.
  6. You’ll find out more about your own strengths and weaknesses.
  7. You’ll boost your self-confidence.
  8. You’ll create a new source of satisfaction.
  9. You’ll realize the only way to success leads through discomfort.
  10. You’ll begin inspiring the people around you.


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