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It is observed that subject teachers complaint that his / her subject is very complicated and it is very difficult to explain the technicalities of the subjects, especially the subjects like Mathematics, Science, English Grammar. To an extent we all need to be agree that these are the technical subjects where students need to be very precise and are never allowed/expected to commit any mistake to derive the solution.

To overcome the problem, a master needs to ensure complete and live involvement of students while explanation is going on in the classroom as the theoretical part plays very vital role in overall success of students performance during the year.

At the same time we do know that it is quite difficult to keep students attentive through out the explanation. To ensure their attentivity, a teacher needs to make the explanation interesting and enjoyable by elimination of boredom. Certain things, as mentioned below, should be done :
• Always use simple language while you explain particular topic.

• Always explain subject terminological words by giving example.

• The complexity of the topic should be made easy for the students to understand.

• Try to provide relevant life related examples – as & if possible.

• Involve students by random selection to read it first & make other student / s repeat it.

• Point out the important/central word every time and explain repeatedly.

• A teacher must try to avoid heavy seriousness but must try to keep the class environment light so that students never feel low.
• Always avoid to deliver such explanation from the stage rather try to be in centre of the class. This allows you to have better position to understand their mental status whether the explanation is appropriate or some improvisation is required.

• Try to avoid long explanation session. Bifurcate the topic in several parts so that students may understand it in better manner.

• Always check the transformation status by asking students topic based various questions and do provide assistance while they respond.

• According to the listener’s group and their average intellectual level, such and many other features can be added to make the explanation part interesting. The teacher is the best judge to frame out the strategy.

• A master teacher must use different strategy to maintain/involve/present something new/exciting element in explanation. This always plays major role in drawing students attention.


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