Sitting Arrangements

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It is a fact that unless you have a convenient / comfortable place / seat you may not be able to focus on the activity you are supposed to. At the same time if you are provided a designated seat your involvement in the activity is always better.

The same phycology influences students when they are placed at a particular seat in their classroom for academic activities. Generally it is the class teacher who arranges all the students in his / her class considering one or other criteria for the seat allocation.

It is highly noteworthy that sitting arrangements always play very vital role in academic institutions. It directly affects students personal feelings which reciprocated in his / her academic performance. One must be very judicious in making such arrangements. It can be used as tool to appreciate or can be used as a strict action. The class teacher always loses an important tool to handle students when haphazard / average sitting arrangements made without specific criteria.


Let us understand some of the catchy features of sitting arrangements :
• If its a co-educational institute, girls / boys sitting inside the classroom, at least std. 6th onwards, should be in separate part to avoid unnecessary disturbances.
• Generally students should be arranged height wise in classroom. Students with less height should be placed on front benches.
• Mostly students are arranged roll number wise. The teacher should keep on rotating their sitting every week so that all the students get chance to be in front benches during the month. Height factor should be considered even in such type of arrangement to its
maximum possibilities.
• First raw of benches should be kept reserved for physically impaired students(if any).
• One front bench should be kept reserved for those students whom teacher wants to appreciate for their special achievements for the month / exam.
• One bench should be specially identified as the designated seats for the class monitors. This will always make the monitors to have special feelings.
• One of the first bench should be kept reserved for those students who are irregular / identified as disturbing element in class. The teacher would be in better position to focus on them.
• A master teacher always like to place an average performer along with a performer so that the former may get some sort of motivation.
• The teacher needs to be very judicious in placing a particular student at particular place as it affects the student very much & effect is long lasting.


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