Role of Class Teacher for Kids

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Class teachers play a vital role in their classrooms and to all their students.

He/she play multiple roles in the classroom.

  • A class teacher’s best role is to educate students with fun activities.
  • The primary role of a class teacher is to ensure that the students have a safe environment and proper Education.

A Class teacher makes their classroom safe and secure for their students.

  • They set a warm and happy environment for their students.
  • They become role models, nurture and mentor students.
  • He/She focuses on the overall development of each of their students.
  • Class teachers ensure every student understands the daily lessons.

They guide and direct the path of their students.

  • A class teacher is a second parent to all students.
  • He/she ensures their student’s confidence and increase their self-esteem.
  • He/she prepares students with skills, character, and necessary knowledge to live in society.
  • He/she monitor the class and review their student’s progress.
  • An ideal class teacher remains impartial and has no favourite student in the class.
  • A class teacher motivates, communicates, interacts, solves problems with the peer, and focus on individual progress.

A class teacher takes multiple forms such as a counsellor, coach, and a leader to support and help their students.


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