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It is always experienced by almost all the teachers that students do not as involve sincerely in the ongoing lectures as they should be. At the same time it is also listened, even from an experienced subject expert teachers that students do not follow them as expected.

Let us agree upon one fact that since they are passing through their adolescence phase of life, their such rebellion type of thought process is natural as they always tend to have authority and freedom. At the same time because of limited maturity, they may not be in position to judge the right and wrong or correct and incorrect. They may not get completely tunned with you and the distance keeps on increasing leaving its negative effects.

If the situation prevails for longer time, it will definitely affect the knowledge transformation to a great extent and may hamper overall academic growth of the students which may lead them and teacher to frustration.

As a teacher, you are also unshouldered with moral responsibility to ensure their academic growth so as to enable and prepare them for higher classes. To ensure the same, you need to make them yours by your subject knowledge, presentation, explanation, behaviour and the treatment you offer to them as subject teacher.

To encounter all such troubling issues successfully, Reinforcement is a concrete solution. We all know the psychological fact that everybody, whatever the age group he/she falls in, likes appraisal and acceptance and at times motivation too. A master teacher can use reinforcement as highly effective tool to ensure the motive of knowledge transformation and also to control the students by completely tunning them.

Reinforcement :

• It always motivates students to remain attentively involved in ongoing class activity.

• Individual appraisal always make them feel special and confident for the subject and his interests and involvement are maintained.

• Students academic performance in particular subject improves which not only satisfy them but teacher management and parents also.

• Student teacher tunning remains at its full height which eliminates all sorts of disturbances.

• Teacher never required to waste precious time in discipline management. These minutes can be used for extended discussion of the topic which results in concept clarity.

• The subject teacher needs to continue the practice inappropriate manner keeping the fact in mind that: excess of anything is poisonous.

• If the positive treatment is discontinued, the student teacher tunning may get disturbed which may affect overall performance of students. This may lead students and in turn the teacher to frustration.


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