Practical(Activity) Based Teaching Methodology

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Teaching method always plays a very vital role in satisfactory completion of teaching learning process. If the method of teaching is not appealing or catchy, listeners will not be attracted toward & that may results in boredom. Such situation always demotivates a teacher and in longer duration it spoils the image of the teacher.

The teacher who is not only there in class to control students group but he is also expected to offer something such that may clear the textual concepts and increase the interest of students in the subject. To achieve/ensure the motive, cent percent involvement of students is basic requirement.

Learning by doing is one of assured method which offers students’ live involvement in the process. As subject based specific activity is to be done by themselves they will exactly come to know about the sequence, outcome, hurdles, solutions everything and they complete the activity by solving the problems under the guidance of the teacher. This boosts their confidence and exact transformation of knowledge takes place. More over, they will never forget as they have done it by themselves.

• The methodology demands teachers fullest involvement as guide since students may expect / require specific guidance.

• Teacher needs to explain the outline of complete procedure so as to aware students fully about the demands of the activity.

• Teacher must keep precise/close observation while students undergo activity to provide them productive assistance.

• Teacher must be aware about each & every aspect/factor associated to the activity.

• Students will remember everything for a longer period of time. This makes their fundamentals very clear and strong.

• Teacher must appreciate all those students who do it sincerely and after completion of the activity teacher must arrange a discussion session to let them share their experience.

• The only limiting point in this approach is that if students do it for name shake then the actual motive will never be served and time will be wasted.


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