One Thing You Must Ask Yourself Before Next School Year

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If you’re not getting the well-behaved classroom you want, the reason often comes down to one thing.—One mistake you’re making that results in most of the misbehavior you’re experiencing.

If you had to pinpoint one area of classroom management in which you were weakest in last year,  what would it be?

Write it down on a piece of paper or onto a document. Now, just below your one thing, bullet-point the negative consequences of being weak in this area.

For example, if inconsistency is your one thing, then . . .

  • Your students won’t respect you.
  • They’ll believe you’re playing favorites.
  • Attentiveness will suffer.
  • Misbehavior will increase and become more severe.
  • Your stress level will skyrocket.
  • You’ll become resentful.

Your one thing is undermining and making harder all your other strategies and efforts to control your classroom and enjoy teaching.

Knowing this is good news! Because if you know what your one thing is, then it’s often the only thing you need to fix.

They also learned to their relief that they weren’t as far away from having a well-behaved class as they once thought.

Some of the most common one things are:

  • Inconsistency.
  • Moving and talking too fast.
  • Micromanagement.
  • Taking misbehavior personally.
  • Trying to convince students to behave.
  • Not having clear rules and consequences.
  • Not knowing exactly what does and doesn’t constitute breaking your rules.
  • Not giving instruction with enough detail and clarity.

They’re interrelated and only one of them is, in many cases, the catalyst for the others—either causing them or making them difficult to avoid.

Most often, without much thought, you’ll know immediately what your one thing is. But be sure to go through the entire exercise and write down the consequences of your one thing.

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