Interactive Method of Teaching

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At times it is observed that teacher centric lectures do not serve the purpose of the transformation of knowledge as expected and students can not develop clarity in their minds. It is quite possible that because of passive role as listener, students may feel bored or can not keep themselves focused as required.

We all will be agree upon the fact that unless all the students are not aligned with the ongoing explanation, it is always difficult for them to grasp the major points related to the topic. To ensure their maximum attention and focus, an experienced and masterly teachers adopts a special methodology called Interactive Methodology. The major features can be as follows :

Interactive Method of Teaching :

The interactive method of teaching is always considered as one of the most constructive and fruitful teaching methods as it ensures live and equal participation of the tutor and learners. The transformation of the content and concept clarity are the obvious outcomes of this method. By following this teaching methodology, the teacher can ensure complete participation of all the learners. This makes the transformation of knowledge easy and gainful as learners themselves explore the depth of the content under the passive control and guidance of the teacher. Learners, as active participants, remember all the major points of the content very easily as it is discussed and derived by them only.

The key positive features of this teaching method can be enlisted as follows :

• Initially teacher starts the topic by raising certain questions which later on discussed by students only – as and when required – master faculty provides assistance.

• Live involvement of all the students ensured which solves almost all the doubts at once.

• It allows all the students to share their views which increases the possibilities of better understanding of the topic.

• As the topic is discussed at length in classroom, transformation of knowledge is assured.

• Though its not teacher centric still teacher guides / directs the discussion as required.

• The teacher knows all the students & can strategize the session accordingly.

• The methodology saves time, allows new ideas, supports adaptability, ensures knowledge transfer in better manner.

• The subject teacher needs to keep ready all the major points description, solutions, new questions, reinforcements which are necessarily required to conduct such session.

• No doubt, the role of the subject teacher is very strategic and masterly or else time will be wasted and the motive of transformation of knowledge will not be served.

• The subject teacher must be able enough to maintain discipline and control chaos.

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