Goal-setting practices that support a learning culture

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Having students set their own goals and monitor their progress is most effective when teachers are able to create a culture, rather than following prescriptive steps.

Getting students to understand where they are in their learning is a steep challenge with potential for a huge payoff when you are seeking to build school and classroom cultures where improvement and growth flourish.

So what can educators do to help students care about their learning and become more invested in their own success?

Not surprisingly, students do better when they feel in control of their learning. Goals can and do look very different from student to student.

  1. Making goal-setting work
  2. Do it often.
  3. Make it visual.
  4. Create personal relevance.
  5. Center student choice.
  6. Bringing it all together


Source – https://kappanonline.org/goal-setting-practices-support-learning-culture-nordengren/


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