Effective Classroom Management

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Discipline often comes to mind at the mention of classroom management, but the crucial component of teaching is much more.


The term ‘classroom management’ refers to the procedures, strategies and instructional techniques teachers use to manage student behavior and learning activities.


Effective classroom management creates an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.


Classroom management extends to everything that a teacher does to facilitate students learning.


Few basic classroom management strategies are:-


  1. Agree on classroom rules at the beginning of the year– the teacher along with the students should set out few classroom rules in the beginning of the year. This will create a positive atmosphere at the onset.
  2. Be consistent about expectations – All the teachers need to work as a team and should be consistent in their expectation and discipline methods throughout the school.
  3. Make parents your allies– parents should be an important part in the child’s education. They should be called to school often and while communicating with them, use the word concerned. The teacher should be specific & descriptive while describing the student.
  4. Keep all the students actively involved. – all the students in the class room should involved in the classroom activity. If a group is performing the other students should be involved to evaluate them.
  5. Discipline individual students quietly and privately – identify the students those who break the class rules. Never punish the entire class as there are always some students who always follow the norms. Punishing the class as a group will develop further resistance.
  6. Find things to appreciate – Praise is a powerful tool. Appreciate even the small work done by the student or students in the classroom. It will motivate the students and reinforce the value.
  7. Role clarity –The students should be clear about their roles and duties assigned to them in an activity.


Effective classroom management paves way for the teachers to engage the students in effective learning.

Effective teachers are successful not because they handle disruption and misbehavior in the class. Rather, they are effective because they create such a learning environment which is challenging and carefully monitor that disruption does not occur at all.


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