Discussion Based Teaching Methodology

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Teaching method always plays very crucial role in teaching learning process. It must be such that ensure students attentivity and maintain their interests. Unless all the students/listeners are not attracted through the teaching method, the outcome will never be self satisfying. The unproductive exercise results into frustration at teachers end and students start feeling that the subject itself is very complicated.

A master teacher always ensures complete and live involvement of all the students before he starts his explanation or content presentation. To ensure students’ involvement and live participation, Discussion Method of Teaching roves very fruitful.

An experienced teacher suggests students to go through some topic/chapter prior of its commencement in class. He suggests some students to prepare some topic to present it in classroom and also suggests some other students to prepare some such questions
which require basic clarity to understand it.

On a particular day, the teacher plays a passive role in classroom and let students discuss the topic and allow them exchange / share their basic understanding amongst his/her classmates. As students raise certain questions, the important part of the topic is automatically discussed in classroom at length. As & where required, the subject teacher provides masterly assistance to all the students which further makes the doubts very clear. The conceptual understanding can developed in the minds of students with less
efforts and time. Additionally it always remains very productive as students do it by themselves.

During such session, the subject teacher should keep higher order questions also ready to discuss in continuity of ongoing discussion. As all the students are completely live and involved, they will be in better mental status to understand the complex contents also.

The only major point that must be taken care by the teacher is that the discussion must be carried out in disciplined manner to eliminate the possibilities of chaos during the session. The teacher must be competent enough to control the students and maintain
expected discipline and peace inside classroom. The teacher must see to it that all the students get their turn to participate rather he/she must encourage them to do so.

Overall, this student centric methodology, where in the subject teacher plays a passive/secondary role, is highly constructive, productive and time saving teaching methodology if practiced in a very organised manner. Students always like to be a part of it.


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