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It is very simple to understand and accept that it is one of the most difficult task to make someone attentive listener. It becomes more difficult when you are in education filed where you are supposed to deal with all those minds who are always hyperactive and comparatively less sincere, may because of less maturity.

Students easily get deviated from the expected track with a little external stimulus, It can be in any form i. e. audio, visual, pictorial or even imaginary. Students sitting in class as listener group happens to be from different back ground and mental status, more importantly emotional and psychological back grounds.

All these factors together make the teaching learning process which results in transformation of knowledge very challenging for the teacher / educator who follows teacher centric methodology. It is the fact that unless you get your students / listeners tunned to you, exchange / sharing of thoughts – ideas – explanation of academic content is not possible.

To overcome the hurdle, a master needs to understand the mind and mental status of majority of students to adopt according teaching strategy. It may prove bit difficult to do so everyday as circumstances keep on changing everyday. It is better for a teacher to develop such an impressive strategy that keeps students attracted and compel them to oversight other affecting factors, internal / external, direct / indirect to a great extent.

To have an impressive / attractive presentation / explanation ability, first the teacher needs to have good command over the language of instruction. One must be student friendly instead of being commanding. The former make students comfortable while the later is felt compulsive which never gives expected output. Lets have certain major points which may help you follow it in better manner.

It is not necessary to explain the topic with serious face rather it is suggested to have a pleasant smile on face and make students also feel light. This avoids boredom and ensures students involvement in discussion which boosts their confidence. Allow yourself to include some fun filled statements (must be related to the ongoing topic) to protect the classroom environment from becoming heavy.

• The teacher must be judicious in doing so as excessive of the same may affect the motive very adversely. In attempt to make the atmosphere enjoyable, if the teacher does not maintain specific limits, students may start to take things lightly which wipes of their sincerity.


(This article/text/quote/image is shared in good spirit to strengthen the education system.)

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