Best Writing Apps for Online Teaching

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COVID-19 has changed the working culture across the world. Most of the tech companies have permitted their employees to work from home. Those who do not have an option to work from home they might have lost their jobs.


The students and teachers are facing the biggest challenges to keep their teaching-learning system on. Most of the universities around the world are offering their courses through online mode, and this has forced teachers/instructors worldwide to look for the tools which are helpful to conduct online classes. If you are fed up with looking for such solutions on the web, then this article is aimed at you. Especially when you are teaching some mathematics, then PPTs are not very much helpful. In this article, we will see the available options for us. This article will focus on the apps which are useful in delivering the lecture.

  1. Microsoft Whiteboard

One can download this app. This app provides a seamless experience for writing and creating content. It fully supports the Apple Pencil or Stylus. The best part of this app is, it is freely available across all platforms such as windows, android, and on iOS. It can be used for live teaching as well using Google Meet (Free), zoom and Webex platforms.

  1. Jamboard (Google)

Jamboard is an ambitious project of google, and it comes in two forms, software which can be installed on iPad or tables and an integrated hardware system which supports jamboard. The primary version of jamboard is available on Google Playstore and free to download. It has cloud support along with the live streaming option, which might be very useful if you wish to teach your students online or collaborate to work on any project. It is available for both Android and iOS platform.

  1. Paper (WeTransfer)

Paper by WeTransfer is another amazing app for writing and drawing, and it has amazing options to convert your imagination into reality. If you are a person who loves to sketch and draw, this is definitely for you. Its limited version is freely available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

  1. Nebo

Nebo is another app which has many rich features; especially it recognises the text and number you write on it and on double-tap it converts them into typed characters. This feature makes it very fascinating. It works on three frames diagram, math, image and sketch. It is kind of bundled app which provides notes taking options along with rich drawing facilities. Unfortunately, you need to purchase as it is not free to use.

  1. Bamboo Paper (WaCom)

Bamboo paper is another app which is quite popular among the users. This app is specifically designed for low-cost graphic tablets. But you will find an amazing experience like writing on a paper. This application is available freely on Microsoft Store, Google Play Store and Apple Store.

  1. Notes Writer

Notes Writer is an iOS-based application which works on iPad. It is again a fantastic platform to give a new dimension to your creativity and your thoughts. To use the full features of this application, you need to buy it. Very limited access is available for the free version. This app provides its integration with google drive, dropbox and onedrive.

Other similar apps where writing options are available are

Keynote by Apple


Pages by Apple

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft PowerPoint

Google Docs


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