Assignment Based Teaching

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It is often observed that the output ratio of teacher centric teaching learning methods remain limited. Overall motive of transformation of knowledge is not achieved as expected because of passive involvement of learners. The varying sincerity of students, unpreparedness of students to understand the content and other factors hinder the academic exercise.

To overcome such type of problems and to achieve the actual purpose of content clarity, students should have at least basic back ground in their minds which allow them to understand the content in better manner & can solve their doubts – if any – in their minds related to the topic, during general explanation.

Assignment Based Teaching learning methodology is one of the ideal exercise which ensures each student’s active participation as they require to complete the assignment. It is a fact that superficially it seems that students are compelled to do some labour work without basic understanding but the work will definitely introduce the topic & they will exactly come to know about the difficulty level of the topic by doing the exercise.

While preparing assignment, students may consult their subject teacher to have guidance about the troubling areas which makes both students & teacher very clear about the attention seeking areas. It can be constructively covered during explanation of topic in classroom.

After completion of explanation in classroom second part of assignment covering the same topic can be given to students to ensure their clarity about the topic. The overlapping exercise remains very fruitful as students have done it by themselves under the guidance suggestion and assistance of the subject teacher.

Assignment Based Method of Teaching :

The key positive features of this teaching method can be enlisted as follows :

• It ensures direct learning & active participation of all the students.

• It serves as an exercise to orient students about the topic prior to classroom explanation.

• It motivates students to collect maximum information about the topic from various sources.

• Students can share their information amongst their peers which develops clarity and preparedness about the topic before it is discussed in classroom.

• It saves precious classroom time and allows learners & teacher to solve the troubling points by the quality discussion in classroom.

• Careful planning, precise collection & checking of assignment and according suggestion or remedials are required to have productive result and outputs.

• The subject teacher needs to be alert & equally involved in exercise or else the work might be done for a name shake & the actual purpose will never be served.


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